After the registration to the service, the PRISMA shipper API activated immediately. It is possible to upgrade/downgrade/cancel the service, but the change will be effective from the next calendar year.

The shipper admin can see the token in the 'Shipper admin' section >> under the 'Premium services'.

The token is visible only once due to security reasons. The user can copy the token by 'Copy to clipboard' button. 

If the user needs to change his token, it is possible by pressing the 'Generate token'.

With the help of this generated token now you will be able to log in the Swagger API in the browser (PROD:

Step 1:

Click on 'Authorize'

Step 2:

Paste the generated token from the clipboard into the 'Value' field (The keyword Bearer is an important part of the token and must not be omitted).

The dialog should present now the 'Authorize' button. By pressing the button Swagger will check the inserted token.

Step 3:

In case that the token is correct, you will see the following screen (otherwise 401 unauthorized error will appear when you try to execute your action -means the token is invalid). Close the dialog by pressing the 'X' icon in the top right corner.

You are logged in now and you can use the PRISMA shipper API services.