How to Enable the FCFS Functionality?

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As a TSO Admin, you can activate the FCFS Booking functionality on the platform for specific network points. To use this service, you need to subscribe to the FCFS add-on.

If you wish to offer FCFS capacity outside the PRISMA Platform, you can configure a link to a specific booking portal.


To activate the FCFS functionality, do as follows:

1. Log into your account;

2. Click on the gear icon at the top left corner of the page;

3. Then, click on "Regular FCFS" on the drop-down menu;

4. Click on "Edit" in the first tile;

You will then reach the editing page.

5. Now, tick the "Yes" option to enable FCFS booking on PRISMA;

6. If you wish to allow shippers to enter additional details, tick the "Yes" option next to "Allow Shippers to Provide Additional Label;"

7. Then, select the runtime periods you wish to offer;

8. If applicable, write any additional comments in the box;

9. Finally, click on "Save Changes."

Once you enable the FCFS functionality, you will unlock different configuration options which allow you to customize the service according to your own business needs. In particular, you can allow capacity upgrade, set balancing groups or portfolio codes as a requirements and configure lead times.

Please check the articles below for more details on how to configure these settings:

How to Enable Capacity Upgrade for FCFS Bookings?

How to Configure Balancing Groups or Portfolio Codes for FCFS Bookings?

Now, if you wish to market FCFS capacity outside of PRISMA through a different portal, all you need to do is click on "Edit" in the first tile (see step 4) and tick the "No" option next to "Regular FCFS Enabled." Then, you will see a field in which you can enter the URL of the portal through which you market FCFS capacity:

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