The credit limits can be assigned by TSOs on the Prisma platform to the approved shippers, and may apply to different product types and frameworks.

The credit limit is always checked in the process of submitting a bid or booking capacity via FCFS, and in the case that your solvency is almost or completely exhausted, a red warning box will appear at the top right of the screen.

In case the credit limit is completely exceeded, you won’t be able to place a bid.

Problem "Insufficient solvency"

If you are placing a bid in a bundled auction and receive the error message “insufficient solvency”, how do you know which TSO has set the credit limit?

In order to know which TSO has uploaded a credit limit for your company to the Prisma platform, you should check the details of both TSOs in your Account settings section.

Steps on the UI

  1. Access your account settings

  2. Select Assignments of operators

  3. Expand the TSO details

Problem "New credit limit uploaded?"

How do I know if a TSO has uploaded a new credit limit for my company?

The credit limit information has to be checked manually for each TSO in the TSO details in your account settings section.

Problem "Bidding not possible despite sufficient solvency"

I have sufficient credit for that TSO but I can't bid anyway, what happened?

Solution 1

If you can place a bid but an insolvency warning appears at the top right of the page when you try to submit it, recheck the TSO details in your account settings and the interval assigned to your framework. The interval period refers to the timeframe of your credit limit.

Solution 2

Bearing in mind that your credit limit is calculated by amount, meaning the tariff plus potential surcharge, you should check if your used credit has been correctly maintained. In case of any issues, contact the TSO directly.

Bear in mind!
The credit limit is assigned by the TSO and is included in a credit framework which defines the general rules of the credit limit. Furthermore, the credit framework can include a numeric value, the factor, which multiplies the value of the used credit. As it is not shown in your settings, you should contact the TSO directly.