If a shipper company has activated REMIT reporting, every user of this company may download copies of the reports sent to ACER, as well as the related receipts from ACER.

Past trades can be accessed in the trade overview.

  1. Navigate to the reporting section.
  2. Find the trade that is of interest and open the details.

For each secondary transaction that has been concluded on the PRISMA platform, that is relevant for REMIT reporting, an overview of the REMIT reporting status is shown on the detail page of the transaction.

Find the REMIT reporting files on the detail page of the transaction. In the above example, a CFO Trade proposal is used.

  1. Select the reporting channel. This can be ACER, email or automated shipper interface.
  2. Here the user can download the XML file that was sent to ACER.
  3. Once ACER has processed the REMIT report and has returned a receipt, this can be accessed here.