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This page explains how to bid for the conversion of unbundled capacity to bundled capacity.

As of January 1st 2018, the PRISMA platform offers a functionality wherein users holding mismatched unbundled capacity at one side of an interconnection point can convert that capacity to bundled firm capacity. The service will be offered by the German TSOs for products longer or equal than one month and by the Dutch TSO Gasunie Transport Services for products longer or equal than one gas-day.

(!) Bear in mind, this should not be confused with 'upgrade' of capacity, formerly called 'conversion,' which refers to upgrade from interruptible to firm capacity.)


This functionality is added as part of the normal auction process. (If you do not know how to take part in an auction, instructions on how to do so can be found in the auctions help section.) After selecting an auction that you would like to take part in, the auction details will be shown.

As in all auctions, you can place your bid in the form below the auction details. In the case of long-term auctions, you will be able to configure a bidding curve as you are used to. 

During the bidding process, you can bid for an upgrade or conversion of capacity. To bid for conversion of unbundled to bundled capacity, check the corresponding tick box.

When the box is ticked, a new section will appear, where you must select on which side of the bundle (with which TSO), you would like to perform the conversion. Depending on the involved TSOs, the unbundled to bundled conversion may only be offered on one side of the bundle. If offered on both sides, the conversion can only be performed on one side of the bundle. If the unbundled to bundled conversion is not offered for a TSO, please contact the respective TSO directly.

Upon selecting the TSO with which you would like to perform the conversion, meaning the side of the bundle that you already own, new fields will appear. These need to be filled with the details of the capacity you would like to bundle with the capacity you are about to bid for. If configured by the TSO, you can provide the contract ID and balancing group of the existing contract to ease the administrative process. These fields are either mandatory, optional, or not visible, depending on the TSO's configuration. Additionally, the TSO can allow custom runtimes to request explicit intervals for the conversion to a bundled contract. If this option is given, runtimes can be specified in multiples of 1 month. This means, runtimes must start on the 1st day of a month at 06:00 and end on the 1st day of a later month at 06:00.

At the bottom right of the conversion section, a button allows you to add additional runtimes for conversion. Clicking this adds another field, where you can input the maximal capacity to be converted for this runtime, as well as another date picker to specify the runtime. Please be aware that, if multiple conversion runtimes are configured, they must not overlap.

After all the requisite information has been input, and the GTCs of both TSOs have been accepted, you can place your bid.

The conversion itself will be validated and performed by the respective TSOs outside of the PRISMA platform.

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