This page gives an overview of the "Auctions" section.

We are beginning on the live and upcoming auctions page reachable if you click on "Transport" in the top most navigation bar or by navigating to the homepage of the platform.. Here, two sections are displayed. One for running short-term auctions or the upcoming auction's runtime. Long-term auctions are shown on the right side, as soon as they are published (varying from auction type to auction type. Please refer to the ENTSO-G auction calendar for detailed information). Each tile will show a countdown to the next auction's start-time or next auction round (for long-term).

Auction Overview Download

Starting from the "Auctions" view, you can download an overview of all available auctions of a given type in the form of a CSV file. To do this, navigate to the auction overview by clicking the "Join now" button on one of the auction tiles. This will take you to a page listing all the available auctions of that auction type. If you only see a handfull or no auctions at all, maybe you have selected to only show your favourite network points. If you click on "Show all", all available auctions will be displayed.

If you scroll the the bottom of the page, you will see a button labeled "CSV". Clicking this button will download a CSV file with information about all the auctions listed in the table.