This page will show you how to find details about network points.

From the PRISMA platform homepage, you can navigate to a network point detail page via the search bar in the top right. 

You can also navigate via the top menu to the "Network Points" section, which can be found under the "Transport" section.

In the "Network Points" section, you can specify details about the network point you're trying to find. You can download a CSV file with the information contained in the table by clicking the CSV button at the bottom right of the page.

The page below shows an overview of the details of a network point.

Clicking the arrow in the blue box at the right of the page will open a drop down menu showing options for the network point. In the case shown above, the options are: "Start new surrender request" and "Show proposals to sell." (This will depend on whether you are logged in.)  

Information about recent and current auction activities at this point, as well as information about your company's activities at this point, can be found  via the menu on the right side of the page.