What Are Trading Conditions?

'Tradition conditions' refers to the conditions to be used during product creation. Trading conditions are set using either default settings provided by PRISMA, or by a shipper (secondary market) or TSO (primary market), which may elect to upload a file with their own conditions. 

During product creation, the shipper or TSO has the ability to choose either PRISMA's default trading conditions or their own.

How to Set Trading Conditions

Once logged in to the platform, navigate to the 'Platform Settings' in the menu bar at the top of the screen, and then navigate to the 'Trading conditions' in the left-side menu.

This is the default view for trading conditions.

Clicking the "Add trading condition" button will allow you to upload files containing trading conditions, as shown below.

You can upload multiple trading conditions, as well. 

Once a trading condition has been uploaded, you can then either download a copy of it or delete it.