How To Use Your Activity Feed

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The Activity Feed displays all your transactions within the last 30 days. Here, you can sort and survey your or your company's activities within the platform, such as bids, bookings, surrenders, trade deals, and so forth. For further information on how to configure personal or company-wide view, see How To Configure Platform Settings.


To use the activity feed, do as follows:

1. Log in;

2. Click on "Activity" on the top menu;

3. Search the main report or refine your search using the filter on the left side. You can do so by (a) Transaction Status, (b) Network Point, (c) Transaction Type, and/or (d) Activity Date.

4. You will be able to edit/delete your activity, as long as the "ACTIONS" bar appears and the auction is not finalized.

Note: For transactions older than 30 days, please use the Reporting Section.

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