How do I register an additional user for my shipper company?

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If your company is already registered on PRISMA, new users must be added by the shipper admin in their account.


1. Log into your account;

2. Go to "Shipper admin";

3. Click on "Register new user".

4. Insert the new user's details. Note: all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

5. Select the preferred authentication method: mobile or hardware token.

6. Proceed to the next step.

7. Select the operators with whom the new users should have assignments with;

8. Accept their GTCs and, if you wish, select the option to transfer the data to the relevant market area coordinator;

9. Click on "Next step".

10. Check the user's details and the assignments requested;

11. By clicking on "1" or "2", you can edit the "User data" and "Assignment of operators" entries.

12. You can download a PDF copy of the registration information;

13. Accept PRISMA's privacy policy and GTCs before confirming the registration.

The new user is now added. To become active on the platform, he will need to go to our market participants' screen and download the documents requested for registration with the operators he requested assignments with.

Once the documents are ready, they need to be sent to the respective TSOs.

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