Basic information

Credit limit on PRISMA is the maximum outstanding balance a TSO may assign to a shipper.

Every TSO has a possibility to assign multiple credit limits to the approved shippers

  • Different credit limits may apply to different product types (auctions, FCFS booking, secondary trading)
  • Credit limit assignment is specified by:
    • Credit limit amount
    • Validity period (with regard to the product runtime)
    • Credit framework (product applicability and multiplication factor for the transaction value)

Credit limit check

Credit limit is checked at the moment of attempt to conclude the transaction (e.g. at the moment of submitting the bid)

If the solvency is not sufficient (i.e. the credit limit is exceeded), the shipper will not be able to place the bid. The negative result of the credit limit check is indicated by a red error box that appears at the top right of the screen showing "insufficient solvency".

Credit limits visibility

Detailed information about credit limits with a given operator is accessible under Account settings -> Assignment of operators. 

  • Credit limit (static) is the monetary value, measured in currency subunits; it is the threshold, to which the sum of the credit limit (used) and new transaction is compared:
    • If the static credit limit is higher, then the transaction is processed.
    • If the static credit limit is lower, then the transaction is blocked.
  • Credit limit (used) is the monetary value, measured in currency subunits (i.e. cents or pence); it represents the value of the credit limit which has already been used to conclude transactions on the platform.