REMIT reporting

Is PRISMA an approved RRM?
Yes, PRISMA has been approved by ACER as an RRM. To find PRISMA on the ACER list of approved RRMs, please enter the following ACER code in the search field o...
Is PRISMA an Organised Market Place (OMP)?
Yes, PRISMA is an Organised Market Place and stated as such on the ACER list of OMPs. 
What is the scope of REMIT Data Reporting Services?
We report secondary market transactions for gas transportation contracts to ACER on your behalf. Other energy market, LNG and storage infrastructure transac...
Which Service Packages are available?
PRISMA offers three Service Packages:  Shippers who have an Automated Shipper Connection with PRISMA can choose to receive the relevant trade data thro...
Which data is reported?
PRISMA reports all secondary contract trade data where the trade was conducted on the PRISMA platform.
What does PRISMA´s RRM Services not entail?
Our RRM Reporting Service does not include trade data related to wholesale trade commodity products, or the use of storage or LNG facilities.
Will PRISMA perform backloading of secondary capacity contracts?
For all companies that have a signed reporting agreement with us, we report relevant backloaded transactions on the PRISMA platform to ACER.
Why do only my colleagues from the Front-Office receive the REMIT reporting files as an email attachment?
By default, the REMIT reporting file is sent the to person who concluded the transaction. A copy of this email can be sent to a second email-address. This ca...
Is PRISMA legally obliged to offer Remit Reporting Services?
Yes, PRISMA is obliged by §6 of the REMIT Implementation Act to offer data reporting solutions to the market participants registered on its platform.
Can I use other Registered Reporting Mechanisms (RRMs)?
Yes. You are free to apply to act as a RRM yourself, or to choose another RRM to do your REMIT reporting for you.