How Can I edit My User's Details?

Modified on: Wed, 15 Feb, 2023 at 3:43 PM



In your account, you have the possibility to edit some of your user details.

Note: This article describes the process of adding a new user which will go live on 1st March 2023. Until then, you should edit your user's details in accordance with How to Edit Your User Details? 


To change your user's details, log into your account and do as follows:

1. Click on the person's icon on the top-right side of the page;

2. Then select "Profile Settings":

3. In the "User Details" card, you can edit your salutation and phone numbers.

Note: you are not allowed to change your name or email. If you need to do so, please fill out Form 3 and send it to our Customer Success Team at

4. Remember to save the changes before leaving the page:

The changes will be active immediately.

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