Once you migrate to our new hardware solution or if you are a newly-registered user who wants to use the hardware token, Customer Success will process your request. You will then receive a temporary password that will allow you to continue the setup of your account. 

To log in for the first time after your request has been processed, please refer to this article.

Here below, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to log in after you have already logged in for the first time, but you are still waiting for your hardware token to be delivered to you.

Note: this solution should only be used temporarily! Once your hardware token has arrived, please follow the login procedure described here.

New hardware token - How to log in after you have already logged in for the first time

1- Go to the Login page

2- Enter your e-mail address and your password

3- Click on 'Continue'

You will be redirected to the two-step verification screen. 

As you will not have your new hardware token at hand yet and, therefore, you will not be able to insert the 'Verification code', click on 'Use SMS fall-back'.

This option will trigger an SMS to your mobile phone number. Insert the code contained in the SMS in the following screen: 

Now you should be logged into your account.

If not so, please contact Customer Success.