On September 7th 2020, we will begin the transition to a new authentication method. This system will be safer and easier to use in every possible sense. You will be able to set up your token and access the platform with more independence and flexibility. Until early November 2020, migration will be optional. After that, you will have to migrate since the old solution will be fully deactivated.

We recommend, however, that you migrate as soon as possible, so you can begin to enjoy the benefits of our new authentication process. 

To learn how to do so, please check this article: Token Migration - How to Migrate to Our New Authentication Solution?

New Features

Our new authentication solution means plenty of smart new features to make your life easier:

1. Multiple Mobile Tokens: you might have multiple PRISMA accounts to trade on the platform. In the past, you could only link one of those to your mobile phone using the authentication app. No more! You can now request and use multiple mobile tokens on your phone.

2. Mobile Token Self-activation: in our new authentication process, you can trigger an activation QR-code on your own whenever necessary.

3. Fallback Phone Authentication: we have also introduced a fallback SMS authentication method. In case you experience any issue with your regular token, you can trigger an SMS message with a temporary token number.

4. Provisional Platform Access: using the fallback phone authentication, you can access the platform even while you wait for your hardware token to come through the mail.

5. Stronger Password Criteria: we have strengthened the security requirements for passwords in our platform, so your account and your data are even safer than before.


This is not, of course, an overnight transition. We know you're busy and need time to understand what such a change means for you and your business. So here's the timeline for the implementation of our new authentication solution: