To improve security and usability, PRISMA will transition to a new authentication solution. Until Mid-December 2020, this transition will be optional. After that, it will be mandatory. However, for your own benefit, we recommend that you transition to our new token solution as soon as possible.


To transition to the new token solution, you will first undergo the login process as usual. Do as follows:

1. Enter your user email;

2. Enter your current password;

3. Then, click on "Continue."

4. Now, enter your current (old) token and click on "Log in;"

Here, you will be asked to transition to our new token solution before you proceed to your account:

1. The mobile token will be pre-selected;

2. Optional: If you can't or don't want to use a mobile token, click on "Can't use mobile tokens?" to choose the hardware token instead. However, keep in mind that this will not be available until early October 2020.

3. Optional: if you do not want to transition at this point, you may skip this process and proceed to your account by clicking on "Remind me later. Continue to platform."

4. Or click on "Continue" to proceed with the transition.

If your password does meet our security criteria, you will be asked to change it. In that case, please choose a new password in accordance with the criteria to continue:


Now you'll get a QR code to activate your new mobile token. You can use this QR-Code with a variety of digital authenticators such as:

Play Store: Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, 2FA Authenticator

Apple App Store: Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, 2FA Authenticator

1. Use the QR Code on your app of choice;

2. Enter the generated verification code:

3. Finally, click on "Continue."

Thereafter, you will be asked to enter a fallback mobile phone number in case you somehow lose access to your token and need to access the platform:

1. Select the country code and enter your fallback mobile phone number;

2. Then, click on "Continue" to receive an SMS message with a confirmation code;

3. Optional: Click on "Resend Code" to receive another SMS message with a different code. You may alter the phone number in the field on the side.

4. Enter the code you received in the message;

5. Click on "Continue" to conclude the process.

All done! You've finished the transition to our new and safer token solution.