This page gives a description of how to book FCFS capacity via the contracting services function.

Some operators may offer FCFS capacity via the contracting services functionality before making it available through the standard FCFS section. If this is the case, the operators creates a form that shippers can fill out in their account settings. To access these forms, navigate to the 'Account settings' section via the PRISMA platform homepage.

From the 'Account settings' page, navigate to the 'Assignment of operators' page via the menu on the left.

Here you will see a list of operators with which you have an active, cancelled, or pending assignment. Clicking the arrow to the left of each box will expand it, revealing additional information. If the operator has made any additional services available, the highlighted text "Contracting services" will be shown below the operator-specific documents.

Clicking "Contracting services" will lead to a page with a drop-down menu, from which you can select the contracting services that the operator has made available. Here, you will find the FCFS booking option, if the operator has made this option available. The entry fields for that service will be shown. Once you have filled out the fields and clicked 'Submit,' an email containing the input data will be sent to you and the operator. 

Below, you may find an example of the FCFS contracting service. Please note that the entry fields may vary depending on the information requested by the operator.