Congratulations! You have successfully registered on the PRISMA platform.

Now you need to wait for the first approval of one of your assigned operators to be shipped your token. Since this may take a couple of days, here are a few things that you can do during your waiting period.

Register/Log into the support portal

To always keep an overview of the tickets you have raised with us, please check out our support portal. It also includes this knowledge base - all information available about PRISMA. For more info on how to register/log in, please refer to the according article.

Take an in-depth look at the mechanisms behind the auctions

You always wanted to know how exactly our auctions work and why things are happening on the platform as they are? Search no more, you can find it all in our theory section of the knowledge base.

Prepare yourself to hit the ground running

If you want to prepare yourself and your colleagues for what will happen on the platform, take a look at our general support articles. Here, all functionality of the platform is described in detail. We also recommend to take a look at our video tutorials.

Make the most of your PRISMA membership - PRISMA Premium Services

Also, check out our premium shipper services that help you for example to automate your processes, report on your REMIT relevant behaviour or let you book a personal training with a certified trainer and PRISMA expert.