If your company is already registered at PRISMA, adding new users is quite simple. Start the registration of your user by clicking on the "Register" button in the top menu bar. 

To register a new user, please click the Register button on the right of the top menu bar.

Please enter your company's EIC and continue to the next screen. If your EIC code has already been registered, you can add an additional user.

Enter you company's EIC to start the registration of an additional user.

Your company's information has already been provided; Please confirm that the information is correct.

Please enter your user details and select what type of token you would like to use: physical token device or mobile app.

No contacts need to be entered. They have already been provided during the registration of your company's first user.

No operators need to be selected if you register as a new user for an infrastructure operator.

To conclude your registration, please confirm the information provided.

An Admin user of the infrastructure operatore, then needs to enable the new user via Settings -> User management