A complimentary product to our Support Portal is our chatbot - PriBot

PriBot has access to all articles in the knowledge base. So, there's no need to dig through the portal in search of an answer to your question. Just ask PriBot!

The chatbot is based on machine learning technology, which means that it finds answer using keywords from your question. 

Be advised, however, that PriBot is still in its learning stage. So, we'd appreciate your feedback any time it fails to answer your question satisfactorily.

Furthermore, PriBot can only understand complete sentences in English.

How to use PriBot?

In any page of our portal, you can press  and start a chat with PriBot.


Tell PriBot about your problem and it will suggest the articles, which can best solve.

If you find an answer to your question in the suggested articles, press 'Yes' -- otherwise press 'No'. 

By pressing the 'No' button, you will have a chance to rephrase your question or open a ticket with our Customer Success team. 

Your feeback is important, because it allows us to improve PriBot's accuracy and fix possible mistakes.