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The knowledge base contains 4 folders with different categories of helpful articles written in English:

  • Getting started
    • Here you'll find our beginner articles which will give you general information on how to use the platform. 
    • Some article consists in step-by-step instructions on different functionalities of our platform.
  • Video tutorials
    • Each video contains interactive walkthroughs of the main features of PRISMA.
    • The video tutorials cover the basic actions in our platform.
    • German versions of these tutorials can be found on our Youtube Channel.
  • F.A.Q
    • Here you will find a compilation of the most frequent questions about PRISMA.
    • Each article contains a brief explanation.
  • Downloads
    • In the download section, you can access all the relevant forms required to change your and your company's data on our platform.

Article Page

  • It is possible to print each article in our knowledge base. 
  • Since your feedback is valuable to us, you can see the author and rate the article. By pressing the "No" option (dislike), you can create a ticket  to share your concerns and suggestions. 
  • In each article, you will see a "Related Articles" list, where you can find other approaches to similar topics.