PRISMA offers a variety of storage services to help you reach your goals. These include: (1) Basic Storage Package, (2) Storage API, (3) Allocation Algorithms, (4) FCFS Booking, (5) Credit Limit Checks


1. Basic Storage Services - This service allows you to:

  • review other SSOs offers;
  • create a basic offer (auction) for storage capacity;
  • manage shippers and storage locations;
  • have a nested structure (upload a number of products under the same offer);

2. PRISMA API - Allows you to:

  • automatically trigger offers, bid collection and outcome allocation, without using the actual platform;
  • get access to a communication system in order to ensure secure and fast data exchange;
  • receive bid lists for each offer;

3. Allocation Algorithms: Pay-as-bid or Uniform Matching Price - You can select this algorithm during the offer upload (API or manually) and it allows you to:  

  • gain the bid price from the shipper for storage capacity;
  • receive a list of bids after auction closed with allocated storage capacity;
  • receive the decision with PRISMA's notification system and for it to be sent to the shipper.

4. FCFS Service - The FCFS booking mechanism allows you to:

  • interact directly with your shippers;
  • enable shippers to request capacity directly from you;
  • decide the price according to the requested amount;
  • permit shippers to receive an immediate response whether the storage capacity requested is available and for how much;

5. Credit Check Services - This service allows you to:

  • stipulate credit limits for your shippers;
  • perform automatic credit limit assessments;
  • prevent shippers from booking capacity if they have insufficient credit;