PRISMA designed its storage service to solve the problem of low storage capacity supply given its high demand. Our functionalities enable you to market your capacity and get the results with ease and efficiency. As such, our services fall under two categories: (1) Auction Offers and (2) FCFS Booking.

Auction Offers

At PRISMA, you can create your storage offers and select the allocation algorithm that best suits your needs: Pay-as-Bid Algorithm and Uniform Price Matching Algorithm. Shippers may, then, pre-bid and bid on those offers according to your configurations. 

Once the offer closes, you will receive the calculated results or, alternatively, a list of bids to  allocate capacity. Based on your decision, the shipper will then receive information about their allocation request through PRISMA's notification service.

FCFS Booking

It is also possible for you to offer capacity on an FCFS basis. Shippers can request that capacity directly on the platform. After the request is made, you will receive a message containing the exact details of the booking. You can then decide how to proceed.

All offers are a publicly available and can be easily accessed on the platform. We aim, thus, to foster a culture of transparency and cooperation.