To make sure you have the best user experience with the PRISMA Platform, consider using one of the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge (Desktop with OS: Microsoft Windows).

  • Firefox (Desktop with OS: Microsoft Windows). 

  • Google Chrome (Tablet with OS: Android and Desktop with OS: Microsoft Windows).
  • Apple Safari (Desktop with OS: MacOS)

NOTE: This explicitly ends support for Internet Explorer. 

NOTE: JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled. No further add-ons or extensions (e.g. Flash Player) are necessary, however.

Beyond these listed browsers, it is possible that all developed web sites (platform and corporate sites) are presentable and functionally working in other browsers or their versions as well. But this cannot be guaranteed.

The message will read as follows: "You are using an old browser to access the PRISMA Platform. Microsoft® Internet Explorer® does not support all functionalities of the platform. PRISMA only supports Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Firefox, and Chrome."