Capacity linking allows to connect two capacity deals through different market areas and transit those capacities along a route.

The transmission of natural gas between different areas takes place along a predefined “route”, namely a combination of an entry and exit network point. Available routes have been determined in advance by Fluxys Belgium combining eligible entry and exit service in order to avoid a bottleneck in the transmission grid.

Under a capacity linking the quantity of entering gas must be equal to the quantity of exiting gas, and only deals made in the last 15 days can be selected.

How to link your capacity deals?

Four different steps are involved in the process of linking your capacity deals.

Step 1 - Select entry and exit NWP

In the first section you can select the entry and exit Network points that shall be linked. After having inserted the entry network point you can proceed and select the exit network point. 

Bear in mind that the possible network points matching is predefined, you will be able to select an exit only when the entry NWP is set.

After having selected entry and exit NWP  you can proceed to the step 2 by clicking on "continue". 

Step 2 - Select capacity deals

In the second section you can display all your available capacity deals concluded by your company in the last 15 days. The available capacity displayed will refer only to the one obtained for the selected network points.

The capacity must have the following characteristics:

  • Runtime of at least one gas day
  • Capacity category firm or backhaul
    • possible capacity categories for links: firm/firm, firm/backhaul, backhaul/firm, backhaul/backhaul 
  • Deal was made maximum 15 days ago
  • Capacity was obtained at the primary market
  • Capacity can be gained via auction or FCFS bookings 

By selecting two available capacity deals the following constraints have to be respected :

  • Both capacity deals have the same runtime
  • Runtime starts in two hours or later

Once the two deals have been selected you can proceed to the next step by clicking on "continue"

Step 3 - Specify capacity amount

In the third section you can specify the capacity amount that shall be linked.

You can enter a capacity amount  between 1 kWh/h and the lower value of the two selected deals. The values of the two deals can be checked anytime in the upper part of the screen.

After having selected a valid capacity amount you can proceed in the next section.

Step 4 - Confirm GTCs

In the last section you have to confirm our general terms and conditions.

After having confirmed your liking selection and accepted the GTCs your request is sent to the TSO which evaluates and process your request at once.

Before receiving your response you will display a message indicating that the TSO is processing your request.

If the requested capacity is available you will receive a confirmation as response, on the contrary your request will be rejected.

If your capacity  is not available TSO may also suggest alternatives capacity linking. By selecting one of the suggested alternatives you will confirm again the GTCs and send this new request to the TSO.

Bear in mind!

Only the full runtime of a link can be linked. Respectively the selected deals always have to have an identical runtime.