As it is prohibited to undo a completed auction or allocation, the TSOs allows you to request a surrender of the capacity you bought via the platform. To do this, you are required to send a surrender request to the TSO you bought the capacity from.

After sending the request to the respective TSO, they decide whether they accept the request or not.

  • If they accept it, the capacity will be marketed again via a new auction. After the auction, if the surrendered capacity is not remarketed, the capacity booking is returned to you and you continue to be bound by your payment obligation.
  • If the TSO does not accept the request, you can still try to sell the capacity on the secondary market.

How do I start a surrender request?

 After booking the capacity, navigate to the network point at which you want to surrender capacity. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Start new surrender request".

You will be directed to a page which requests you to specify the contract/deal ID, along with some further information. When you click "Surrender", you will be redirected to a summary screen. If you confirm your surrender, your request is sent to the TSO. 

If the request is successfully received by the TSO, you will receive a notification from the platform. The TSO will then contact you outside the platform with their decision on your surrender request.

Surrender for bundled capacity

The difference between an unbundled surrender and a bundled surrender is that two TSOs are involved in the process. Therefore, the surrender process is slightly more complex than the unbundled one. 

First, the surrender request occurs in the same way as for an unbundled capacity booking. The difference then occurs in how the surrender request is processed by the TSOs.


Both TSOs agree to resell the surrendered capacity

This is the best outcome for you as the requesting shipper. Both TSOs try to remarket the entire capacity, no expenses occur, and you do not need to spend any more time on this process.

Both TSOs refuse the surrender

As you might already assume, in this case you may be able to resell the booking on the secondary market, or else you will need to pay for the entire booked capacity.

Bear in mind!
  • The higher the surcharge you pay, the greater the potential negative financial impact on their income, and the more unlikely the TSO will accept your surrender request.
  • The TSO will only resell the surrendered capacity if there is no other unsold capacity left, as the TSO wants to sell as much capacity as possible.
  • Once you have successfully surrendered a capacity, you cannot undo the surrender.
  • While a surrender request is pending, you cannot try to sell the capacity on secondary market
  • Unless your capacity is not sold in the new auction, you remain the owner of the capacity booking.
  • Partial surrender is possible in two different ways:
    • As a shipper, you can request to surrender a certain amount of the capacity, or
    • The TSO is unable to remarket the entire booked capacity, so they can accept a partial surrender
  • Once the capacity is remarketed, you are relieved from your payment obligation.