As PRISMA is forbidden by law to undo an auction or allocation, the platform allows you to request a surrender of the capacity you bought. To do this, you send a surrender request to the TSO you bought capacity from.

After sending the request to the selling TSO, the TSO decide whether they accept the request or not.

  • If they accept it, the capacity will be marketed again via a new auction. After the auction, if the surrendered capacity is not remarketed, the capacity booking is returned to you and you continue to be bound by your payment obligation.
  • If the TSO does not accept the request, you can still try to sell the capacity on the secondary market.

Can I surrender capacity from every TSO?

No, you cannot request a surrender for capacity from every TSO. It is the TSO's individual choice to allow surrender requests or not.

What happens if a TSO does not accept my surrender request?

If a TSO does not accept your surrender request, you have two options. You can try to sell the auction on the secondary market, or you have to use and pay for the capacity you bought.

PRISMA is not able to assist you with any direct action regarding the capacity. We are prohibited by law to influence allocated capacity in any way.

What notifications do I receive as shipper if the TSO accepts my surrender request?

The TSO will send you a separate confirmation when they accept your surrender request.

A confirmation E-Mail is sent to you from the platform when your request is successfully sent to the TSO. You will also see this in the Activity Feed. However, an automated platform notification that the TSO accepted your surrender request will not be provided by the platform.

When is the earliest and the last time that a capacity surrender can be requested?

Each TSO individually decides how much notice they require to process a surrender request.  

A capacity surrender can be requested directly after your capacity is booked. To find out the latest time before capacity runtime that you can request a surrender, you must check the website of the regarding TSO. When it is too late to surrender a capacity, the platform will not allow you start the surrender request and the following message is displayed:

What happens if the TSO can sell the capacity with a lower surcharge than for the original booking?

If the capacity is marketed again and the final surcharge of the auction is lower than the Price you booked capacity, you need to pay the difference to the TSO.

What impact has the surrender request on my activities on the secondary market?

Capacity for which you request a surrender cannot be offered on the secondary market at the same time. Either you request a surrender, or you try to trade it with another shipper.

If you requested a surrender of capacity and the TSO is unable to remarket the capacity, then you are allowed to sell the capacity on the secondary market provided there is enough time left for this process. The same works the other way around as well. So, if you are unable to sell the capacity on the secondary market, you may still be able to surrender the capacity.

Do I need to surrender the entire capacity?

No, you do not necessarily need to surrender the full capacity amount. It is possible to partially surrender the booked capacity.