Comfort bid functionality gives you the possibility to submit bids for all Prisma auctions, except Within-Day.

In case of short-term auctions the comfort bid needs to be placed before the respective auction start. Bear in mind that creating or changing a comfort bid during an already running bidding round will only affect the next auction.

“Comfort bid result for DA auction is missing”

After having submitted a comfort bid, how do I know if it has been placed?

When your bid has been successfully placed, you will receive a notification email on your account, and the bid itself will be displayed either in your activity feed or under "Transport">"Auctions". 

Example of a confirmation email.

In order to to get an overview of all open comfort bids, just log in to the PRISMA platform, go to Activity and search for Comfort Bids. Here, any activities of the past 30 days are displayed.

As stated above, the comfort bid are also always shown in the "Transport" section of the platform, but you can also have them shown on your Dashboard by activating in the "Dashboard settings" the widget "Your activities in the last 24 hours".

Steps on the UI

  1. Log in to the Prisma platform.

  2. Access the Activity menu.

  3. Search for Comfort Bids by checking the box labelled "Comfort Bids" .

Comfort bid not placed

I submitted a comfort bid which hasn't yet been placed. How can I check on its status?

The first check is to verify and confirm the values you inserted and the time period of your placement.

Secondly, you should check if there are alternative auctions matching the settings of the comfort bid and thirdly, please check if your bid was been placed before the auction started.

In case your bid has been placed after the start of an auction, it wouldn’t be triggered in the current auction round.

Comfort bid at bundled points

The comfort bid submitted was not successful. Could you please confirm why it was rejected?

As in the bundled auction you can choose only one capacity combination, you should be sure that the combination is matching the capacity combination of the auction you are applying for otherwise your bid will be unsuccessful. For choosing more than once capacity combination it is necessary to place additional bids.

Capacity of the bid reduced

My bid was successful but the capacity of my bid was reduced, could you please confirm why the capacity was reduced?

Whenever you place a bid higher than the available capacity in the auction it will automatically be reduced to the available capacity.

Edit a comfort bid

My colleague has created a comfort bid, how can I edit it?

Same as with your regular bid, you can view and edit your comfort bids either in your activity feed or under "Transport" and then "Auctions". By clicking the delete or the edit icons in the actions you can cancel or modify your comfort bid.

By clicking on the edit icon of your current comfort bid you will be redirected to the details of the bid. At the bottom of the page you will find two buttons labelled "Withdraw comfort bid" and "Update Bid" . In case you just want to delete the bid you can simply cancel the comfort bid by clicking the delete option in the actions.

Steps on the UI and screenshots

  1. Log in the Prisma Platform.
  2. Access the Transport section and then click on Auctions.
  3. Down below the section "Live and Upcoming Auctions" you will find yours "Day-Ahead Comfort Bids".
  4. Then you can see on the right side the three actions buttons to edit, amend and add comfort bid. 

Activity feed block

Comfort Bid details

Multiple Comfort Bid

How can I create multiple comfort bids?

You can create a bidding curve by adding further quantities at  specific price intervals. Same as for the usual bid you can create up to ten day ahead comfort bids. Each bid is considered an independent bid and validated as the normal bids are.