1. Overview

Once you have been approved by at least one operator, you will receive an email with step by step instructions on how to download, install, and activate the app.

NOTE: Please save this email for future reference in case you:

a. lose your mobile device and need to activate your token a second time;

b. require assistance and our support team asks for the serial number and other information related to your token.

2. Installation Instructions

Step 1: Install the smartphone application

a. Open your mobile-specific app store;

b. If necessary, sign in with your Google, Apple ID or other account;

c. Search for the application "Mobile Authenticator ES:"

Android Play Store:

Name: Mobile Authenticator ES

Apple Store:

Name: Mobile Authenticator ES

Windows Mobile Store:


Blackberry App World:

Name: DIGIPASS for Mobile Enterprise Security

d. Download and install it.

NOTE: This application can only support one user account. So if you have more than one accounts (e.g. PRISMA or otherwise), which uses this type of authentication, it is impossible to use the same phone for both.


Step 2: Activating the smartphone-app 

Once the app is installed, vou can either enter the “Serial Number” and the “Activation code,” or scan of the QR-Code sent to you by our customer success team.

If you fill in the "Serial Number” manually, it is not necessary to enter the prefix “VES”. If you scan the QR-code, everything will be done automatically.

After the activation has been completed, the app can be used as a token.

NOTE: In the App menu, you will find a time synchronisation feature to keep your mobile phone in syn time with the VASCO App server. Please be sure activate this feature.