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If a shipper company is activated for REMIT reporting and allowed to enter external trades, every user of this company can download the reports sent to ACER, as well as the related receipts received from ACER

The external trades entered by the company can be accessed in the trade overview.

  1. Navigate to the External trades in the Secondary tradings - Reporting section.
  2. In case the respective transaction is not shown, switch to 'Show all', instead of 'Show transaction on favourite points only'.
  3. In case the respective transaction is not shown, clear the filter pre-setting, that is limiting the view to the trades entered in the last 30 days.
  4. Click on 'Show Details' to see the details of the transaction.

For each external secondary transaction that has been entered on the PRISMA platform, the overview on the REMIT reporting status is shown on the detail page of the transaction.

Find the REMIT reporting files on the detail page of the transaction.

  1. Here the user can download the XML file that was sent to ACER.
  2. Once ACER has processed the REMIT report and has returned a receipt, this can be accessed here.
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