This page will show FCFS Booking, step by step.

First, navigate via the top menu to "FCFS Booking." You'll then have to choose a network point.

When the network point has been chosen, you will be required to fill out details about the booking, such as capacity amount, category, and runtime. As of January 1st 2018, within-day bookings will also be available via FCFS. With the quick select feature, you can choose the next upcoming within-day product, or the next upcoming daily, monthly, yearly, or quarterly product. If none of the quick select options match your desired runtime, you can define a custom runtime. Specific restrictions regarding the runtimes may have been set by the TSO(s); details about such matters may be found in the blue information box. 

If the requested capacity is available, you'll have the possibility to specify further details about your booking. You'll be required to accept the GTCs. 

After a successful FCFS Booking, a confirmation message is shown, with the booking details included.