The following description is only valid for German "storage interconnection points" at which capacities are offered by the TSO but not for the storage capacities offered by SSOs.

Up until this point, capacity at storage interconnection points was marketed via FCFS. Due to new regulations in the GasNZV, entry and exit capacity at storage interconnection points will be offered via auctions as described in the CAM network code instead of FCFS. With the change from FCFS to auctions at storage interconnection points, some small changes are made to the bidding process. 

Resulting changes in the functionality of the platform will be in effect from April 1st, 2018.

The option to choose an "Undiscounted tariff" may appear during bidding at a storage interconnection point. By selecting this option, the user confirms usage of a storage facility with access to more than one market area.

Short term auctions:

Day-ahead auctions:

The ability to choose the undiscounted tariff also appears when making day-ahead comfort bids at storage interconnection points.

With day-ahead comfort bids, there is also the ability to make it a roll over bid, meaning that if the bid is unsuccessful in the day-ahead auction, it is placed in the first within-day auction afterward. If the undiscounted tariff and roll over options are chosen, and the day-ahead comfort bid is unsuccessful, then the undiscounted tariff will also apply to the roll over bid. That is, the regulated tariff will be doubled.

Long term auctions:

If the "Undiscounted tariff" box is checked, the regulated tariff for the capacity is doubled. This only applies to the starting price (regulated tariff) and not to the surcharge. The effect is shown below, before and after the "Undiscounted tariff" box is checked.

The resulting change in the regulated tariff will be reflected throughout the rest of the bidding process. After placing a bid, the doubled starting price will be displayed in the bid summary.

In the "Your company's bids" section, all bids where the undiscounted tariff was chosen will be marked with the hint: "Undiscounted tariff: yes."

Besides the updated tariff and information that an undiscounted tariff apply will be included in the booking confirmation email that is sent to the user after a bid was succesfull.

Balancing Groups

Selecting the undiscounted tariff option also affects the balancing group selection.  In the case of undiscounted bookings (tick box activated) all applicable balancing groups will be shown.

If the box is not checked, the list of balancing groups will be limited to only show codes that can be used for such discounted bookings:

  • GASPOOL market area:
     Only Balancing Group codes which do not have a “9” on the 13th position will be shown.

  • Net Connect Germany market area:
     Only Balancing Group codes which do not have a “98” or “99” on the 8th or 9th position will be shown.

Credit Limits

If the user selects the undiscounted tariff during a bid, the undiscounted tariff (i.e. the doubled regulated tariff) is used in the calculation for the credit limit check.

Multiple Successful Bids

If multiple bids are placed by one user, or by multiple users from the same company, in an auction at a storage point with different selections of the "Undiscounted tariff" check box, both tariffs will be displayed in the auction details. The regulated tariff and starting price will be shown, in addition to the doubled regulated tariff and starting price.