Once logged in, you can find the "Company Information" page by navigating to "Account Settings" on the top menu.

Some information can be edited on the page directly; editing other information will require you to contact PRISMA. 

Consent to publication

By accessing the company information you can give your consent to publish your company's name on PRISMA and to be visible to other shippers.

The checkbox is available for those shippers, who wish to remain publicly anonymous. Simply put, checking the box means that your company name will be publicly visible at different points in the platform.This is useful for two purposes. 

  • First, if another shipper wishes to conduct a secondary trade with you, and this box is not checked, then they will only be able to search for your organisation by EIC. (If it is checked, then they can find you by your company name). 

  • Second, your company would be listed in our Market Participants directory, making it easier for market participants to find and contact you