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To participate in PRISMA, you need at least one assignment with an operator -- TSO or SSO. When you register, you will choose one or more operators from which you want to buy capacity. However, you can always add or delete assignments in your "Account settings." Bear in mind that assignments are not automatically granted. After you requested an assignment with an operator, you will receive an email from PRISMA with further steps to proceed with your request. Each TSO and SSO has different requirements to grant assignments.

Assignment Management

To manage your assignments, do as follows: 

1. Log in.

2. Go to "Account settings" on the top menu.

3. Click on "Assignment of operators" on the left side menu.

Here, you will find an overview of all your current assignments and their current statuses: (1) "Waiting for approval," (2) "Approved," (3) "Temporarily disabled" and (4) "Canceled."

By clicking on the grey arrow, you can see additional information such as the operator's GTCs, required documents as well as the validity of your assignment.

Deleting and Adding Operators

In this section, you can also delete old operators and add new ones.

To delete old operators, do as follows:

1. Click on the bin by the operator you wish to delete.

2. Confirm the process.

To add new operators, do as follows:

1. Click on "Add new operator" at the right side of the screen.

2. Search for the desired new operator.

3. Accept the GTCs and click on "Add new".

4. Submit the mandatory documentation to the operator of choice.

NOTE: The assignment will only be active once the operator approves your request.

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