The "Extra Services" section provides an overview of all additional services offered to shippers by PRISMA. In particular, the section lists details regarding REMIT reporting services and Automated Shipper Connection. 

For Automated Shipper Connection, shippers can check which interfaces are currently active for their account.

The REMIT reporting section provides a read-only view of the contracted communication channels. 

If the REMIT service is not active, you will see a corresponding notice text. 

If your company is activated for the REMIT reporting service, you can validate what communication channels are active. There are three options:

  • ACER channel

  • Email channel

  • ACER+Email

If the ACER channel is selected, PRISMA will forward all REMIT relevant data regarding secondary market transaction directly to ACER on your behalf. The Email- and Automated Shipper Connection channels allow you to receive the ACER XML file directly, either in your email inbox or via your Automated Shipper Connections. This allows you to validate the content of the XML or to forward it to another RRM for reporting purposes.

You can see the communication channel that has been activated for your company in the REMIT section.

For more information on our premium services for shippers, please refer to our services page.