This page shows you how to access the dashboard, and its features

You will need to be logged in to access the dashboard. It is the landing page for logged in users, but you can also find it by navigating via the menu to "Dashboard". If you are in another section, for example the transport section, you need to click on the PRISMA logo first, to be able to choose the dashboard entry.

The first widget is your "Notifications" screen, which usually contains information about the market. 

The following two images show how the different components of the dashboard can look when activated.

For example, your activities in the last 24 hours can be shown on the dashboard.

Or a short overview of trade proposals that you created or are offered at your favorite network points. 

On the top right of the dashboard you can find the "Dashboard settings" button. 

You can also navigate via the top menu to "Platform settings" and then find the "Dashboard settings" in the menu to the left. Here you can pick which features you want to be shown on your dashboard and in which order.