To be able to take part in auctions and book or trade capacity, you first need to register on the PRISMA platform. You can begin registering your company by clicking on the "Register" button in the top menu bar

The Register button on the right of the top menu bar will start the registration process.

In the overview, you can find a brief summary of the 5 necessary steps you need to complete.

Please enter your company's EIC and continue on to the next screen. Your EIC code will be the unique identifier, so we know whether your company has already been registered. It also allows us to pre-fill some of the necessary information if any of your colleagues register.

Info: We will use your EIC to validate the information you have entered during your registration. We will validate the data against the ENTSO-E database. Please ensure that your local EIC issuing office has provided the data to the ENTSO-E database before you start the registration process on the PRISMA platform. If the data provided during the registration does not match the ENTSO-E database data we have to reject your registration.

Enter you company's EIC to start the registration process.


Please enter your company's information.

Please enter your user details and select what type of token you would like to use: physical token device or mobile app.

For each listed section at least one contact needs to be provided.

You can either reuse information of contacts that you have already entered or create new contacts for your company.

Select the TSOs for which you would like to be activated. You can use the search field on top of the screen. Please read and approve each of the GTCs.

Please confirm the information provided to conclude your registration.

Once you have completed the registration process, a confirmation page will be displayed to inform you that the new user account has been added to the system.

If the selected TSO(s) require additional documents, PRISMA will send you an email with further steps.

The user name and password are immediately sent to your email address. Note: The user account you created remains inactive until the first of your selected TSOs has accepted the registration. Once the first TSO has accepted your registration your user account will be activated and PRISMA will send you a Token or an activation email for the mobile app.

  • The Hardware Token will be delivered by UPS within the next few business days.

  • If you have chosen the “Mobile Token”-App, PRISMA will send you an activation email.