Have you changed your smartphone recently?  

In case you are replacing your smartphone, you can easily connect it to your PRISMA account. 

To connect your phone, find the email you received when you initially registered with PRISMA. The email will have been sent by this address: mobile-token@prisma-capacity.eu

If you have lost or misplaced the mobile token-generator email, please contact us and we will issue a new one. This can take some time, so we recommend you first try to find the initial token-generator email.

Step 1: Installing the smartphone-app 

On your new phone:

  • Open the app store on your smartphone.
  • If requested, sign in with the account of your app-store.
  • Find the appropriate application for your device - the names for the different devices are listed below.
  • Install it on your phone.

Depending on your mobile device, you can download the app from several smartphone app-stores for free:

StoreApp Name
Android Play StoreMobile Authenticator ES
Apple StoreMobile Authenticator ES
Windows Mobile StoreDIGIPASS-ES
Blackberry App WorldDIGIPASS for Mobile Enterprise Security

Step 2: Activating the smartphone-app 

Once you have the app on your smartphone, please activate your token on the device by either: 

  • Filling in the “Serial Number” and the “Activation code” from the mobile token-generator email, OR
  • Scanning the QR-Code in the email.